Search for Workarround for Magento Shopping Cart price rule does not work

Update: Please check comment(!) A Workaround seem to be found!

I have the following problem. When I add shopping cart price rules they calculate the wrong values. Parts of the discount are missing. Magento

How to reproduce:

First rule

12pieces in total in shopping cart=> discount of 5 Euro

Second rule

24 pices in total in shopping cart => discount of 10 Euro


Magento Version calculates correctly if it is only one product in the shopping cart. But if I add 2 products and each with 6/12 pieces the total discount gets wrong. Half of the discount is missing.

Here the more detailed bug report:

Reason for Problem

This files seem to make the problems



Somewhere in the file seem to be a wrong calculation.


Still searching for a solution… Tried some workarounds which failed.



3 Antworten auf „Search for Workarround for Magento Shopping Cart price rule does not work“

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks a lot for your bugfix(!) I just tried it and it works perfectly(!)

      The rule about 24 Products has highest priority
      The rule about 12 products has second priority

      Now the 24 products rule calculates correctly and realy stops like defined 🙂 The 12 products rule only reduces the price if less than 24 products.

      So everything works perfectly:-) Thanks(!)

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