Magento 2.4.5-p1 bug – Shopping cart rules and free shipping for table rates not longer working


Before the update to magento 2.4.5-p1 the shopping cart rules where used to reduce shipping to 0€ based on subtotal and shipping country. This was working perfectly. After the update they don’t reduce the shipping price like expected.


How to reprodduce?

PHP 8.1

Magento 2.4.5-p1

table rules with setting

-> weight vs destination
-> some rules for each country based on weight. Lower weight shows eg. 5€ shipping, heigher weight 10€ shipping


Shopping cart Rule are like:


-> subtotal incl. tax higher as eg. 60€
->  shipping country is germany


-> free shipping for shipping with matching items

The result was if the conditions were met it showed correctly 0€ for the shipping method table rates. If the subtotal was lower the regular shipping costs were shown


After the update to 2.4.5-p1

Instead of 0€ when conditions are meet it shows everytime only the lowest shipping rates for the table rates based on the country. Eg. correct table rate would be 10€ it shows 5€ because this is lower? But the condition was met and in general it should show 0€ but it does not show it.

eg. in germany it would be 5€ it shows 5€, in austria another value etc.


„solution“ for shopping cart, table rates and free shipping bug

Based on magento docu the free shipping method is needed? This was not needed before the update.

The problem is the table rates are still wrong when free shipping method is configured like in the documentation.

-> activate free shipping method
-> set the min amount very high



The free shipping shipping method is shown correctly based on the shopping cart rules. BUT the table rates are still wrong. When the shopping cart rules got triggered it  shows diretly the wrong (lowes) table rates


We found this post which had a similar bug and asked magento for help

Any solution to this bug? Feel free to add in the comment. We still looking for a solution where the user does not have to choose „free shipping“ and the table rates are just reduced to zero like it was before the update.

We are currently not sure if we used something which was not intendeed to be used like we did?


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