Problem Web Forms Builder – super slow Backend –

We spotted a problem with web Forms Builder extension. It’s an awesome extension to create super nice and simple forms. Unfortunatly it seem to slow down the complete backend dramatically. If you got information would be great if you could share them

It’s about this extension

We tried to find the cause of a very slow Magento 1.9 backend.  After running the Magento profiler and going through some code it looks like NextBits_FormBuilder 1.2.0 is loading all forms, fields and resultvalues from the DB on every backend request in the observer that adds the „Form Builder“ menu item.

On the live shop FormBuilder adds about 20s to backend requests for no apparent reason. The store has 3? forms and some with round about 20? input fields.

We checked for new version of the extension and could not find a new version. The support confirmed we got allready the latest version.

We are in contact with support but did not get any answer regarding the problem. Maybe we get some information during the next days.

If someone has the same problem and found allready a solution it would be great if you could share it.

update 25.10.2017 (workarround) Solution: Problem Web Forms Builder  super slow Backend

The reason are 2 tables which are completly read by every click in backend. This lead to a super big overhead of useless actions. The tables are formbuilder_result + formbuilder_results_values. These tables store the complet results of the forms. In our case it has been more than 20.000 values. This slowed down backend dramatically.

The workarround is just to delete the content. In our case we reduced loading time of backend of round about 1 Minute(! – not seconds). And now it is possible to use the backend again.

The support is informed about our solution and we are currently waiting for a proper bugfix. If it is accessible we will share it here.

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